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Aerial Services

Aerial Services made easy. Install Christmas Lights, change an outdoor light bulb, install a sign.

Installing Christmas Tree Lights and Decorations,
Speakers in Tall Trees, Tire Swings

A-Star Tree Experts offers an Aerial Service for jobs that are just too high to be done with a ladder or that call for the skills of a trained aerial worker.  Our Aerial Service provides homeowners and contractors with specialized services for:

  • installing Christmas lights in large trees
  • hanging decorative lights in trees to showcase a home’s architecture or the stunning structure of tree life at night
  • installing swing sets and tire swings using rope to prevent branch suffocation
  • installing speakers in trees for surround sound on outdoor patios.

Other Aerial Services

A-Star Tree Experts has a large aerial truck that can be used to:

  • change light bulbs,
  • install signs,
  • clean eaves troughs
  • get realty aerial photographs of properties for sale, and
  • safely help customers with whatever task is needed to be accomplished at high heights.

This tree-related service is another example of the diversity A-Star Tree Experts brings to its tree-related work.

This specialized service is offered in addition to A-Star Tree Experts’ extensive line of professional tree care services.  We will be happy to provide you with a free quote on tree removal, tree pruning, tree fertilizing, stump removal, cable and bracing, hedge trimming and organic fertilizing.