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Title: Tree Removal & our emergency services

By: A. Pasma, 2010-08-03 19:13:29

We have removed a lot of trees this year, which sounds anti green, however just want to let the world hear that most people dont call us just for the sake of removing a tree for fun. We are called in to remove hazardous, broken limbs which have killed the tree, infected trees with the emerald ash boer, and storm damamged trees, dangerous tree to pedestrians, and fallen trees. A-Star is able to inspect trees that need to be removed safely to protect against damage to cars and buildings. There are times when A-Star is called out to perform a tree removal quote and walks away becasue there is no reason for the tree to be removed. Some residents just dont understand the beauty of their trees on their property. There are times when residents want to put an addition on right where the tree is. One example was an approx 200 year old oak for a new kitchen, that was a no. I guess the bottom line is you either love us or you hate us, there doesnt seem to be a happy medium with the community. A-Star will be starting some community involvment activites in the fall to get aquainted with our services.

what to look for in tree care companies

Title: what to look for in tree care companies

By: A. Pasma, 2010-08-02 20:03:53

There are many people who have used a chainsaw who try to come off as tree workers. I have seen this first hand, and have come in to finish their mess on numerous occasions. Leave the tree work to proffesionals. There are many things behind the scenes to a tree care company, such as advertising, websites, payroll, vehicle and equipment that are a part of a bigger picture. All of these things have a purpose. I find it uncomfortable when people say it costs alot to cut down a tree. If you want to have your neighbour cut your tree for you you could be in for a big surprise. What if he hurts himself, hits your house, or anything on your property. A-Star sends 3 - 5 people to jobs to ensure productivity and job completion. We have a bucket truck to get us up into the tree, a woodchipper to clean up brush and branches. Then we pick up the logs with our bobcat and load them into a dump truck wshere the wood will then be processed to become firewood or go to the dump. The stump can then be ground out to allow for a new tree or future construction. This is way A-Star differs from all other companies.

Title: 17 Designs

By: A. Pasma, 2010-07-28 19:12:37

I just wanted to thank Norm, and Stella with 17 Designs for all their hard work, and amazing skill in designing and producing this amazing website. Everything about them is great.. Thanks.. Adrian

Pruning Tall Trees Before They Become Hazardous

Title: Pruning Tall Trees Before They Become Hazardous

By: A. Pasma, 2010-07-28 09:05:49

In the established neighbourhoods along Lakeshore many homes are blessed with large, older trees. In many cases, the branches of these trees are so large they could crush a car. When a tree becomes this large it poses some risks especially during a down pour, snow storm or ice storm. Proactive residents contact A-Star to address these risks before they cause expensive damage.

Pruning Trees for the Region of Halton

Title: Pruning Trees for the Region of Halton

By: A. Pasma, 2010-07-13 10:00:00

We were extremely pleased when the municipal offices for the Region of Halton commissioned A-Star Tree Experts to prune the trees around their offices on Bronte Road. Tree pruning or "shaping" as it is commonly referred to as is an important step especially for government offices in maintaining curb appeal and promoting healthy trees. Well-groomed trees indicates a government office that takes pride in the community. Thank you Halton for trusting this important work to A-Star.

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