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Burlington Tree Fertilizing

A-Star Tree Experts Inc. specializes in tree fertilizing in the City of Burlington.

A-Star Tree Experts contributes to the growth and health of your trees.  We offer tree fertilizing in Burlington in order to aid in your trees defence against insects and diseases as well as health wounds caused by pruning.   We offer a variety of ways to fertilize your trees, including:

Granular slow fertilizer: Fertilizer is applied on the surface of the soil, and drains through the soil, which the trees roots are able to absorb.  This method also fertilizes the grass surrounding the tree, but can sometimes burn the grass if applied too liberally.

Deep root fertilizer: This is a custom service offered by A-Star.  We inject a solution of fertilizer and water into the ground around your tree.  This allows your tree to absorb the fertilizer, without affecting the grass.  It also aids in proper air flow into the soil, where the injection took place.  There are no dangerous chemicals or pesticides involved.

Worm Castings: Essentially worm waste, this is a new type of organic fertilizer applied to the soil surrounding your tree rich in natural ingredients.  The fertilzer naturally decomposes for slow release uptake.

Forest vs. Residential Trees: The reason your residential trees require fertilization, while forest trees do not is simply because they lack the nutrients found on the forest floor.  Decomposing leaves and other material are a natural fertilizer for forest trees, while in residential areas, these leaves etc. are generally raked away for the aesthetic reasons.

As you review your needs for fertilizer, take a look at the other services offered by A-Star Tree Experts, and give us a call today for a free quote.

Areas of Service in Burlington

  • Aldershot - Waterdown and Plains Rd
  • Appleby - Harvester and Appleby
  • Bayview - Plains Rd West
  • Brant Hills - Cavendish and Upper Middle
  • Clarksdale - Guelph and North Service Rd
  • Elizabeth Gardens - Lakeshore and Hampton Heath
  • Freeman - Plains Rd east & Brant
  • Glenwood Park - Guelph and Fairview
  • Headon Forest - Headon Forest and Dundas
  • Longmoor - Longmoor and New St
  • Moutain Gardens - Uppermiddle and Guelph
  • Port Nelson - New St and Pine Cove
  • Roseland - Guelph and Lakeshore
  • Shoreacres - Shoreacres and Lakeshore
  • Strathcona Gardens - Walkers and Lakeshore
  • Tyandaga - 407 and Brant