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Burlington Tree Pruning

A-Star Tree Experts Inc. specializes in tree pruning in the City of Burlington.

A-Star Tree Experts’’ tree care division encourages the City of Burlington to prune its trees in an effort to increase the health and appearance of your trees.  There are many types of pruning depending on your trees needs.  Often, trees are planted too close to houses, power lines and other trees, and they require the attention of a skilled arborist.  In this case, we recommend Functional Pruning, where branches are removed if they are growing too close to an object.  This helps modify the growth of a tree to help fit into its urban landscape.  We also provide Crown Cleaning; removing dead, diseased dying, overcrowded, weak and poorly developing branches, Crown Thinning; includes cleaning the crown of the tree, and removing certain branches to allow for more light, and Crown Reduction; makes the tree smaller by removing main branches to allow for proper growth.

There are a lot of larger trees in Burlington, especially in the south end, it is important to have your trees pruned every few years, depending on the species, in order to maintain the health of the tree, and maintain your needs from your tree as a homeowner.  Improper pruning can cause tree stress.  A-Star Tree Experts provides tree care education and encourages residents to join us in preserving our communities’ trees.  Through education and communication, A-Star Tree Experts can co-ordinate tree service between two neighbours where trees are growing on property lines.  Please feel free to use the Free Quote link to reach us.

Areas of Service in Burlington

  • Aldershot - Waterdown and Plains Rd
  • Appleby - Harvester and Appleby
  • Bayview - Plains Rd West
  • Brant Hills - Cavendish and Upper Middle
  • Clarksdale - Guelph and North Service Rd
  • Elizabeth Gardens - Lakeshore and Hampton Heath
  • Freeman - Plains Rd east & Brant
  • Glenwood Park - Guelph and Fairview
  • Headon Forest - Headon Forest and Dundas
  • Longmoor - Longmoor and New St
  • Moutain Gardens - Uppermiddle and Guelph
  • Port Nelson - New St and Pine Cove
  • Roseland - Guelph and Lakeshore
  • Shoreacres - Shoreacres and Lakeshore
  • Strathcona Gardens - Walkers and Lakeshore
  • Tyandaga - 407 and Brant