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Burlington Tree Removal

A-Star Tree Experts Inc. specializes in tree removal for The City of Burlington.

A-Star Tree Experts’ is happy to provide tree removal services in the City of Burlington.   Working in Burlington is a joy for the team at A-Star, with minimal by-laws pertaining to tree removal A-Star makes every effort to ensure your tree removal is completed in a swift and competent manner.  When providing a free quote for your Burlington tree removal, A-Star will survey your property and your options, making suggestions and providing professional advice when the possibility of alternatives are present.  These alternatives include tree pruning and tree fertilizing.

Safety as a Priority

A-Star Tree Experts Inc’s utmost concern is safety.  This includes the safety of it’s staff, your property, you, and your trees.  Using specialized equipment, trained professional staff, and various devices, we are able to remove your tree with as little risk as possible.  We utilize a bucket truck that can reach 70 feet when access permits it, when there is little access we have skilled climbers and grounds persons to conduct the removal.  With the use of wood chippers, bobcats, and dump trucks we are able to fully remove the tree from your property including brush and logs, unless otherwise requested.

A-Star Tree Experts specializes in tree removal for The City of Burlington.

Preserving your Greenery

The City of Burlington is blessed with beautiful greenery.  At A-Star Tree Experts, we cherish the scenery, and will do our best to preserve it when possible.  Although there are times when we can suggest alternatives to tree removal, when it is your best interest to remove your tree, you can have confidence in A-Star Tree Experts to do so safely and affordably.  Call us today for a Free Quote.

Areas of Service in Burlington

  • Aldershot - Waterdown and Plains Rd
  • Appleby - Harvester and Appleby
  • Bayview - Plains Rd West
  • Brant Hills - Cavendish and Upper Middle
  • Clarksdale - Guelph and North Service Rd
  • Elizabeth Gardens - Lakeshore and Hampton Heath
  • Freeman - Plains Rd east & Brant
  • Glenwood Park - Guelph and Fairview
  • Headon Forest - Headon Forest and Dundas
  • Longmoor - Longmoor and New St
  • Moutain Gardens - Uppermiddle and Guelph
  • Port Nelson - New St and Pine Cove
  • Roseland - Guelph and Lakeshore
  • Shoreacres - Shoreacres and Lakeshore
  • Strathcona Gardens - Walkers and Lakeshore
  • Tyandaga - 407 and Brant