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Certified Arborist

To remove more than 4 trees or remove trees over a certain diameter in Oakville, a report from a Certified Arborist is required.

A-Star Trees Experts Inc. has ISA Certified Arborists on staff.  To receive accreditation by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) as a Certified Arborist, the candidate must demonstrate excellent knowledge as well as extensive experience in the tree industry by successfully passing the ISA exams and fulfilling their experience requirements.  Experience includes both schooling and documented tree work.  The ISA is a worldwide-sanctioned group with just over 20,000 Certified Arborists across the globe.  The ISA Certification is the most well respected form of tree credentialing in the world.  While each province has its own titles (eg. in Ontario, the Ontario Professional Forester), it is the ISA Certified Arborists accreditation that is the most sought after in the tree business.

What Certified Arborists Do

  • Biology
  • Identification and Selection
  • Soil and Water
  • Risk Assessment
  • Tree Nutrition and Fertilization
  • Plant Health Care
  • Installation and Establishment
  • Pruning
  • Cabling
  • Bracing
  • Lightning Protection
  • Problems and Diagnoses
  • Construction and Preservation
  • Safe Work Practices, and other related fields.

A-Star Tree Experts’ Certified Arborists will:

  • recommend trees for planting
  • explain why some trees are better suited to thrive in certain areas over trees that won’t
  • examine the soil of your property to determine your trees’ optimal nutrient levels
  • inform you of potential tree hazards and tree failure
  • make the proper calculated cuts to allow for purpose, function and beauty.

Oakville, Mississauga, and Burlington require the involvement of Certified Arborists in the property development process and in some home renovations.  For example, to remove more than four (4) trees or remove trees over a certain diameter in Oakville, a report from a Certified Arborist is required.  Certified Arborists have to sign off for Site Alteration Plans addressing any trees that could be affected throughout the proposed work process.  This can be a deciding factor for the development of many properties.

A-Star Tree Experts follows the ISA Standards for Safe Work Practices, and conducts our daily operations in accordance with these standards.  We educate our customers on such issues as proper tree health care and general tree knowledge.

First Aid and CPR

Certified Arborists carry First Aid and CPR and many if not all obtain their EUSA certification which provides tree workers and homeowners with information about power lines on their properties and how to work safely around them.

A-Star Tree Experts looks forward to providing you with the professional services of an ISA Certified Arborist for your property tree management and planning as well as tree removal, tree pruning, tree fertilizing, stump removal and general tree care.