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City Specific Firewood for Sale

City Specific Firewood for Sale

A-Star Tree Experts has been supplying Oakville and Mississauga residents with firewood for many years.  We abide by local by-laws that restrict the removal of wood from the region to prevent the rare spread of any potential bugs.

Types of Firewood

We only process high quality logs.  Our assorted firewood typically consists of maple, oak, ash and beech.  Birch, apple, and cherry logs may be mixed in as a bonus.  These particular trees generally don’t grow to be the size of the other trees resulting in smaller amounts of this type of firewood.

How Firewood is Priced

Firewood is sold by the face cord which is 32 cubic feet.  It stacks up to about four (4) feet high and eight (8) feet long in a single row.  A face cord of firewood is $95.00.  Delivery is also available upon request.  If you would like us to split the wood from your tree removal, just ask.  We appreciate that it’s special for you to have firewood from your own tree.

When A-Star Tree Experts comes to prune your trees or grind a tree stump, order some firewood and get free delivery.

A-Star Tree Experts offers a wide variety of professional tree care services that preserve your trees the way Mother Nature intended.  We would be happy to provide you with a free quote on any of the following services for your property: tree pruning, tree fertilizing, cable and bracing, planting trees, hedge trimming and organic fertilizing.