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Free Mulch and Wood

Free Mulch and Wood

The program is currently unavailable, but please feel free to check back at a later date.

A-Star Tree Experts creates mulch everyday from its tree pruning and tree removal services.  We will deliver a minimum of eight (8) yards of mulch to Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington residents when working in your area.  Extra time may be required to fill requests for specific types of mulch.


Our mulch or woodchips are fresh and labeled green and are extremely high in nutrients and organic matter once they have decomposed.  While the mulch you buy from your local garden centre may be high in nutrients, some of the mulch may be made from recycled wood like old skids, construction waste, etc. and may contain substances that can harm your trees and gardens.

When our mulch is delivered, it is warm.  It will steam for a few days creating a compost-like effect on the inside.  This is important to break down the wood into usable nutrients.  The mulch comes as a light or bright colour, which, after a few weeks darkens to a more natural color.  Using tree mulch in our gardens helps to keep the wood out of our landfills.  This is a win/win situation for both homeowners and our environment.


A-Star Tree Experts may be able to supply some free wood when working in your neighbourhood.  Since we sell firewood, the free wood is not cut to firewood size nor split.  Providing free wood helps us out and keeps us involved in the local community.  Since this is a free service, we ask that you not abuse it.

Along with providing mulch and firewood, A-Star Tree Experts can support your tree care needs with professional services in tree removal, tree pruning, tree fertilizing, stump removal, cable and bracing, hedge trimming and organic fertilizing.