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Mississauga Tree Fertilizing

A-Star Tree Experts Inc. specializes in the fertilizing of trees in The City of Mississauga.

In the City of Mississauga, A-Star offers a variety of Fertilizing options for your trees.  Consider fertilizing for trees like a human taking a vitamin.  It increases the trees defence against insects and other diseases, while aiding in the healing from wounds caused by tree pruning.  We offer Granualr Fertilizer, which is applied to the surface surrounding the tree, and slowly absorbed by the roots of the trees.  This technique can sometimes cause the grass to burn if applied too liberally.  We also offer the custom service of Deep Root Fertilizing; a technique that injects a mixture of fertilizer and water into the ground surrounding the tree, from the truck to the drip line, this gets the fertilizer right to the roots of the trees, and also allows for better air flow, through the holes where the injection took place.  There are no harmful chemicals or pesticides involved.  The third type of fertilizer we offer is  : Worm castings are the waste from worms, and are applied above the soil to the ground surrounding the tree.  This is a completely organic fertilizer, and is released slowly into the ground for the trees absorption.  Because trees in a residential setting are rarely able to gather nutrients from decaying leaves and other plant material, like that of a forest tree, fertilizing your tree is a perfect substitution.

As you review your needs for tree fertilizing, consider some of the many other tree care services that A-Star Tree Experts offers.  Our professional staff would be happy to help you assess your needs with regards to tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, cable and bracing, or hedge trimming.

Areas of Service in Mississauga

  • Clarkson - Southdown / Lakeshore Rd / Rattray Park Estates
  • Cooksville - Dundas / Hurontario / Gordon Woods
  • Dixie - Cawthra / Bloor, Dixie / Bloor
  • Erindale - Dundas / Mississauga Rd / Credit Woodlands
  • Lakeview - Dixie / Lakeshore Rd
  • Lorne Park - Indian Rd / Lorne Park Rd
  • Meadowvale Village - Mavis / Derry
  • Port Credit - Lakeshore Rd / Hurontario / Mineola
  • Streetsville- Mississauga Rd / Queen St / Britannia
  • Sheridan - Winston Churchill / Dundas