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Mississauga Tree Pruning

A-Star Tree Experts Inc. specializes in the pruning of trees in The City of Mississauga.

A-Star Tree Experts’ offers a wide variety of tree pruning techniques to the residents in the City of Mississauga.  With a vast majority of trees in the City there are many options to consider.

Function Pruning takes place when a branch is about to hit an object, such as a house or power line, or can be limb specific.  It is also used to modify the growth of a tree to fit properly into an urban landscape.

Crown Cleaning removes dead, diseased, dying, overcrowded, weak, and low development branches.

Crown Thinning requires cleaning the crown of the tree (branches bearing leaves and buds with the shape of the tree) and removing certain branches to allow more light through the tree.  This pruning also allows air flow through the tree and reduces excess weight.

Crown Reduction makes the tree smaller by removing main branches to allow for proper growth and to improve the tree’s natural integrity.  This is a healthy alternative to topping trees, which isn’t recommended.

A-Star Tree Experts can help you save a tree that may have been slated for removal by pruning it and hopefully turning it into a property attraction.

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Areas of Service in Mississauga

  • Clarkson - Southdown / Lakeshore Rd / Rattray Park Estates
  • Cooksville - Dundas / Hurontario / Gordon Woods
  • Dixie - Cawthra / Bloor, Dixie / Bloor
  • Erindale - Dundas / Mississauga Rd / Credit Woodlands
  • Lakeview - Dixie / Lakeshore Rd
  • Lorne Park - Indian Rd / Lorne Park Rd
  • Meadowvale Village - Mavis / Derry
  • Port Credit - Lakeshore Rd / Hurontario / Mineola
  • Streetsville- Mississauga Rd / Queen St / Britannia
  • Sheridan - Winston Churchill / Dundas