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Oakville Tree Fertilizing

A-Star Tree Experts Inc. specializes in applying tree fertilizer to trees in The Town of Oakville.

A-Star Trees Experts Inc. contributes to the growth and development of private trees.  Compare tree fertilizing with humans taking multi-vitamins.  People can survive without them, but vitamins provide essential nutrients needed for a healthy life.  Likewise, fertilizing helps trees defend against insects and diseases as well as heal wounds caused by pruning.  The end result is much healthier trees.  There are a few different ways to fertilize trees:

Granular slow release fertilizer applied on the surface of the soil drains through the soil and is absorbed by the tree roots.  This method also fertilizes the grass and sometimes limits the amount that actually reaches the tree.  It can also burn the grass.

Deep root fertilizing is a custom service offered by A-Star Tree Experts which injects the fertilizer in a water solution into the ground below the grass roots.  It allows only the tree to absorb the fertilizer.  This also allows proper air flow into the soil where the injection took place thus allowing root growth.  There are no pesticides or dangerous chemicals involved.

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Worm castings(worm waste) is another growing trend for tree and turf fertilizing conducted by applying organic matter in ball-bearing sized castings.  They are very small, dry and extremely rich in natural ingredients also found in other fertilizers.  This is applied to the area around the tree and naturally decomposes for slow release uptake.  Freshly planted trees and shrubs should be fertilized with a strong root enhancing fertilizer since roots were cut and packaged to transport them.  This gives peace of mind for tree/shrub survival.

Forests versus Residential Trees: People wonder why trees in forests don’t need fertilizing but residential trees do.  Forest trees create an important layer of decomposed leaves and rich undisturbed soil called organic matter on top of the forest floor.   Residential properties, on the other hand, can contain poor soil near the surface from when construction took place.

Residents rake their leaves in the fall for aesthetic reasons, namely to keep their properties looking clean.  A-Star Tree Experts understands this.  When landscapers cut lawns they typically bag the grass clippings, which is actually high in nitrogen for tree growth.  These two actions greatly reduce the active layer of nutrients for trees and lawn establishment.  When consulting with a Certified Arborist from A-Star Tree Experts, other factors of proper soil characteristics and tree nutrients will be discussed.  We drive the same roads as you do and want to promote the beauty of trees for future generations to enjoy.

As you review your needs for tree fertilizing, consider some of the many other tree care services that A-Star Tree Experts offers. Our professional staff would be happy to help you assess your needs with regards to tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, cable and bracing, or hedge trimming.

Areas of Service in Oakville

  • Bronte - Lakeshore / Bronte
  • Downtown Oakville - Trafalgar / Lakeshore
  • Falgarwood - 8th Line / Falgarwood
  • Glen Abbey – Dorval / Upper Middle
  • Iroquois Ridge - 8th Line / Glenashton
  • Joshuas Creek - Ford / Upper Middle
  • Kinoak - Bridge / Fourth Line
  • River Oaks - 6th Line / Upper Middle
  • Sherwood Heights - Ford / Kingsway
  • South East - Maple Grove / Lakeshore
  • South West - Third Line / Rebecca