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Oakville Tree Removal

A-Star Tree Experts Inc. specializes in tree removal for The Town of Oakville.

Oakville Tree Removal

A-Star Tree Experts Inc. provides safe, worry free tree removal in the Town of Oakville.  Following all of the Town’s by-laws with regard to private trees, A-Star Tree Experts Inc will alleviate all stress when it comes to the removal of your tree.  If you are unsure your tree needs to be removed, we will assess and make recommendations regarding the options.  Based on the condition of the tree, we may suggest pruning or fertilizing your tree, in an effort to preserve your property’s greenery.

Making Safety a Priority

A-Star Tree Experts Inc’s first priority is safety, safety involving it’s staff, you, your property, and your trees.  The tree to be removed with be handled by the most competent professionals.  Most of the tree removal conducted in Oakville is done with the assistance of special equipment, including a 70 foot bucket truck, 50 foot crane, and when access is limited, a skilled team of climbers and ground persons.

When A-Star Tree Experts Inc. is enlisted to remove a tree, we remove everything from the small branches to the large pieces of wood, unless otherwise instructed, using various methods to bring the tree to the ground safely.  We use wood chippers to remove the brush, and large dump trucks and bobcats to lift the larger logs into trucks or onto log trailers.

Preservation of the White Oak on Bronte Road in The Town of Oakville.

Preserving Trees

Although the tree you want to remove may be on your property, it is also enjoyed by your neighbours and the community and tree removal should be considered a last resort.  Consider the large White Oak on Bronte Road in Oakville.  While this tree is sick and dying, the community of Oakville and the surrounding area has been able to raise over $300,000 to redirect road development around the tree in order to save it.  The town has collected close to 20,000 acorns matching the tree’s DNA so they can be planted in the Oakville and Milton communities allowing the mother tree to ultimately live on.

That being said, tree removal is a normal and sometimes naturally occurring event.  With A-Star Tree Experts’ involvement, it can be worry-free.  Trust the leaders in tree removal and contact us for a Free Quote today.

Areas of Service in Oakville

  • Bronte - Lakeshore / Bronte
  • Downtown Oakville - Trafalgar / Lakeshore
  • Falgarwood - 8th Line / Falgarwood
  • Glen Abbey – Dorval / Upper Middle
  • Iroquois Ridge - 8th Line / Glenashton
  • Joshuas Creek - Ford / Upper Middle
  • Kinoak - Bridge / Fourth Line
  • River Oaks - 6th Line / Upper Middle
  • Sherwood Heights - Ford / Kingsway
  • South East - Maple Grove / Lakeshore
  • South West - Third Line / Rebecca

A-Star looks forward to providing its professional services in Tree Removal, Tree Pruning, Tree Fertilizing, Stump Removal, Hedge Trimming and Organic Fertilizing to your properties in Oakville, Mississauga, and Burlington.