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Planting Trees

Let A-Star recommend and plant the species of tree that will thrive according to soil  and lighting conditions, root type and expansion of the tree over time.

A-Star Tree Experts offers a planting service, sometimes recommended after a tree has been removed or to beautify a landscape with additional trees.  A-Star Tree Experts can recommend which species of trees will thrive in specific environments taking into consideration such things as soil type, soil quality, root expansion, light conditions and how the tree will develop over time.  Some trees, such as black walnuts, will kill freshly planted trees in their surrounding areas.  By having a Certified Arborist assist you with your tree selection, you can be confident it will be a calculated and evaluated decision.  We plant trees with the use of our bobcat and/or crane and we work well with local tree nurseries to obtain healthy, fresh and warranted trees.  These nurseries can provide a spade truck service when access is granted to allow larger diameter trees to be planted.

What you need to know before planting

A-Star Tree Experts has moved trees up to 25 feet.  When trees this large are moved, machine access is required.  The trees are generally dug around the roots, wrapped and weaved in burlap.  When digging takes place around the tree, the roots are pruned with cuts facing downwards.  Prior to any digging, it is important that contact with the city occurs and that all utilities in the surrounding area are located.  This work will be done for you by a trained Certified Arborist.  Root work has the potential to severely injure the tree and precautions must be taken.  The best time to plant or move a tree is in the fall to spring.  The newly planted trees need an appropriate amount of water on a predetermined schedule.  This is crucial and each type of tree has different water requirements.

Tree Selection

Landscape companies refer to A-Star Tree Experts for our tree knowledge and rely on our experience for tree selection in the urban environment.  When A-Star Tree Experts visits different sites, we make recommendations with regards to tree removal, tree pruning and tree fertilization.  A-Star Tree Experts strongly encourages the use of organic fertilizer and organic matter on all properties and will inform you about their beneficial effects on the environment.

Tree planting is just one of the many ways A-Star Tree Experts contributes to tree care on your property.  Our prompt, professional services also include tree pruning, tree fertilizing, cable and bracing, hedge trimming and stump removal.  And ask us about our aerial service.