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Stump Removal / Stump Grinding

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A-Star Tree Experts complements our tree removal service with stump grinding.  Stump removal by hand is labour intensive and sometimes not even possible.  A-Star Tree Experts uses hydraulic stumpers which take the labour out of the job and allow the task to be accomplished in a short amount of time.  Our machinery can fit through a standard gate, allowing for the removal of stumps left in the backyard following tree felling.  The stump grinding machines grind stumps down to 12 inches below ground.  Most tree stumps are only eight (8) inches deep with roots sometimes going deeper.  Tree stumps don’t go deep - just the roots.  After the stump is removed, the existing roots rot away.  We have removed stumps up to eight (8) feet across.  There is no limit to the size of stump that A-Star Tree Experts can handle.

After the stump has been grinded out, mulch is left.  This can either be removed by A-Star Tree Experts or placed in gardens on the property.  Some stumps are in locations where our machine cannot fit.  In these cases, A-Star Tree Experts uses other methods for stump removal.  It is very important when our Certified Arborist is stump grinding that tree roots for surrounding trees are not damaged.

When A-Star Tree Experts is in your backyard, a Certified Arborist will take the time to address all your concerns.  Stump removal isn’t as expensive as one might think.  For individual stumps, a general price is around $200.  If there are multiple stumps to grind, a price break occurs.

While our Certified Arborist is meeting with you, consider some of the many other professional tree care services we offer at A-Star Tree Experts.  Our Aborist will be happy to help you assess your needs for tree pruning, tree fertilizing, cable and bracing, hedge trimming and organic fertilizing.