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Tree Cabling and Bracing

Tree Cabling and Bracing

Mature trees can overgrow or pose a risk to personal or property safety.  These trees can be cabled or braced to safely support limbs and trunks.  This can potentially prevent a tree from having to be removed and can allow a tree that might not normally have a chance to stay upright, essentially survive.


Cabling is common and is normally used to prevent a problem before it occurs It is a cost effective and efficient method that uses a metal cable pulled taught between two trunks or a limb to a trunk.  The cable clips into the trunk and/or branch by screwing a J-hook into the trunk.  Once the tree grows around the J hook, the attachment point will stabilize.  It can take a few years to achieve optimal conditions.  If it is too risky to drill and install a J hook, rods can be installed instead by drilling through the entire tree trunk.  This procedure is typically done in the top 2/3 of the tree.


If the size of the tree isn’t sufficient for drilling and cabling, bracing can be done using a cobra cable.  This is a synthetic rope system that is tied around the two structures for support.  This system is flexible and will not suffocate the trunk.  It allows the tree to grow for up to 25 years without adjustment.

These systems are very effective in preserving trees.  While installing cables and/or bracing equipment, A-Star Tree Experts will normally prune to reduce weight on the limbs to be supported.  A-Star Tree Experts offers deals on cabling in front yards with truck access.  When asking for a quote, make sure to mention that you read this on our website.

A-Star Tree Experts offers many professional tree care services with tree risk assessment high on the list for safety and importance.  If you have a tree that you feel may be dangerous, please call us for a free assessment.

A-StarTree Experts can also contribute to the preservation of your trees with other professional tree care services including tree pruning, tree fertilizing, and planting trees.  Ask us for a free quote.