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A-Star Tree Maintenance Program

A-Star Tree Experts is actively involved in providing the residents of Oakville, Burlington and Mississauga with valuable tree care services.

A-Star Tree Experts offers a Tree Maintenance Program in Oakville, Mississauga and Burlington.  This program includes a physical action plan to make the trees on your property safe and enjoyable and offers the following annual services:

  • Tree Identification, Education and Report with pictures (Arborist Report)
  • Tree Pruning and related Tree Services annually
  • Deep Root Fertilizing annually or bi-annually
  • Deep Root Watering bi- or tri-annually
  • Soil Sample and Report
  • Organic matter installation bi-annually
  • Aeration when needed

Often, customers are unaware of the types of trees on their property.  A-Star Tree Experts identifies and records tree height, spread, and general characteristics including digital photos for records.  We will provide information such as eventual height of the tree and any specific requirements needed.  This includes a risk assessment.

The Action Plan

The Action Plan typically requires an initial pruning or tree construction to allow a starting point for the maintenance plan.  In heavily treed areas, some trees might need to be removed so other trees may grow properly.  A-Star Tree Experts offers deep root fertilizing which shares the similar impact that multi-vitamins have on humans. In small quantities, it provides essential elements the tree needs to survive.

Trees that are in urban landscapes or specifically in landscaped gardens with irrigation systems generally have a surplus of available water near the surface of the soil.  This creates a weak structure and encourages root rot.  By providing deep water injections we encourage the tree roots to grow deeper and stabilize themselves for structural integrity.  In the summer months or in drought conditions, this can be a temporary solution when Mother Nature doesn’t provide the water needed.

The most common cause of tree death results from poor soil and poor water conditions.  We examine the soil to see what soil the tree is growing in and how much organic matter is available.  This organic matter would naturally stay in the soil from fall leaf drop.  However, most residential properties prefer a clean look.  A-Star Tree Experts is able to add much needed natural matter to your property by adding topsoil, organic matter and aerating the soil.

All tree maintenance services are conducted by a Certified Arborist to ensure professional tree care and service.