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Tree Pruning

Tree Pruning

A-Star Tree Experts’ tree care division encourages tree pruning to improve the health, appearance and safety of your trees.  When trees are planted, they are typically small and manageable.  However, trees are often planted too close to houses, power lines and other trees interfering with the tree’s natural growth.
At A-Star Tree Experts, we offer several approaches to pruning:

Function Pruning takes place when a branch is about to hit an object, such as a house or power line, or can be limb specific.  It is also used to modify the growth of a tree to fit properly into an urban landscape.

Crown Cleaning removes dead, diseased, dying, overcrowded, weak, and low development branches.

Crown Thinning requires cleaning the crown of the tree (branches bearing leaves and buds with the shape of the tree) and removing certain branches to allow more light through the tree.  This pruning also allows air flow through the tree and reduces excess weight.

Crown Reduction makes the tree smaller by removing main branches to allow for proper growth and to improve the tree’s natural integrity.  This is a healthy alternative to topping trees, which isn’t recommended.

A-Star Tree Experts can help you save a tree that may have been slated for removal by pruning it and hopefully turning it into a property attraction.

Making Safety a Priority

A-Star Tree Experts practices ISA standards when pruning trees and performing daily tree care.  We prune large trees in front yards with the use of our forestry truck which has a 65’ lift elevating the worker into the tree safely and effectively.  For backyard trees, A-Star Tree Experts will safely climb your tree to prune it.  If your tree is in a tight location, all branches or wood leaving the tree is safely lowered with the uses of ropes creating a safe environment for your landscape below.

Improving Light Penetration

Trees often provide too much shade for landscape development on the ground.  This is also a major factor when growing grass is a problem.  Norway Maples are prone to having a dense canopy, not allowing light to penetrate through the tree to allow the grass to photosynthesize.  They are also shallow rooted and have a high water uptake that competes with the grass for water.  Deciduous trees which bear leaves can generally be put on an A-Star Tree Experts Maintenance Plan.

Addressing Tree Stress

Improper pruning can cause tree stress.  A-Star Tree Experts provides tree care education and encourages residents to join us in preserving our communities’ trees.  Through education and communication, A-Star Tree Experts can co-ordinate tree service between two neighbours where trees are growing on property lines.  Please feel free to use the Free Quote link to reach us.

If you prune your own trees, inquire about A-Star Experts’ wood chipper service.  Our professional staff will also be happy to answer any questions you may have about our other services including tree removal, tree fertilizing, stump removal, and cable and bracing.

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