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Wood Chipper Service

Turn unwanted twigs and branches into mulch using our Wood Chipper Service

A-Star Tree Experts’ wood chipper service is available to homeowners and contractors who cut down or prune their own trees and are left with a pile of twigs, branches and leftover plant material.  A-Star Tree Experts will process the material through a wood chipper creating mulch.  This mulch can be left for you to use in your gardens, putting organic matter back into the soil, or it can be fired into our Forestry Trucks for removal to the dump.

A-Star Tree Experts’ wood chippers will chip solid logs up to 10 inches.  Large branches will be crushed and pulled through the chipper.  All our employees are professionally trained to operate the chippers.  To prevent accidents, customers are not legally allowed to nor are they insured to be working with our staff while chipping.  Our wood chipper service normally takes place at the end of the day or on a weekend.


Trees of different species such as Cedar and Pine can make superior mulch for the garden.  When chipped and installed in gardens some species such as Willows and Elms can have negative effects.  Each chip of Willow has the potential to re-grow into a tree.  Elm can sometimes do this as well.  Poplar wood normally has an unpleasant odour; however has a very nice look.  Manitoba Maples are also prone to re-grow when installed in an optimum, shady, moist environment.

If there are large pieces of wood left over that won’t fit through the wood chipper, the wood can be removed or cut up and reused for firewood.  A-Star Tree Experts charges a fee for the chipping service.  There is also a fee for dumping the mulch.

Wood Chipper Exceptions

A-Star’s wood chipper will not chip roots of trees nor root balls of removed plants.  The soil on the roots damages the chipper knives.  We are also unable to chip vine material such as climbing vines, ground cover and certain types of bushes since there is no wood to pull the plant into the chipper.  If these plant materials need to be removed, we can load up the dump truck directly.

A-Star Tree Experts looks forward to providing its professional services in tree removal, tree pruning, tree fertilizing, stump removal, hedge trimming and organic fertilizing.